Smartbuy 100-disc 700mb/80min 52x CD-R Logo Top Blank Data Recordable Media Disc


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Product Description

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Smartbuy blank media discs are manufactured by one of the best disc makers, and you can count on its quality.

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Be Smart Buy Smartbuy

Smartbuy is allied with outstanding professional optical recording disc makers, acrylics-based products makers, and many other product line makers to meet your needs with competitive rate and reliable quality.

Product-line Variety

Smartbuy provides a whole range of convenient storage media, from blank CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc to memory cards, portable hard drives. Smartbuy blank media disc has variety capacity from 700MB, 4.7GB, 8.5GB, 25GB, 50GB and upto 100GB and 300GB. These products will perfectly meet customer’s need in different way.

Reliable Quality

Smartbuy blank media discs have excellent compatibility with most CD/DVD/Blu-ray players and recorders. They are ideal for high-volume data storage, archiving and video pre-mastering. Count on Smartbuy media disks to get reliable data storage up to 100 years.

High Speed

Low Block Error Rate (BLER)

Inkjet Printer Compatible
No No No Yes Yes No

Thermal Printer Compatible
No Silkscreen Monochrome Prism No No No Everest and Prism

Smartbuy Technique Team tests every batch of disc before release to our customers. Please see below test results with the most popular drives on the market.

Lite On P2 CDLite On P2 CD

Recorder Info:


Write Speed: 49X

CI Errors: Max 6

Disc Quality Score: 99/100


Recorder Info:

Drive: Hitachi-LG GHD3N (ASIN: B0BJ7SHMYK)

Write Speed: 48X

CI Errors: Max 7

Disc Quality Score: 99/100

PXL 910SPXL 910S

Recorder Info:

Drive: PLEXTOR PLX-910S (ASIN: B07R18M6KT)

Write Speed: 49X

CI Errors: Max 18

Disc Quality Score: 97/100

AAA grade quality. 700mb/80min 52x CD-R Smartbuy Logo Top (Non-printable). Can use marker write on the top surface of disc. Can label the disc.
Excellent compatibility with most CD-R/CD-RW drives. Can be played back on most CD/DVD-ROM and players
This write-once disc helps preserve digital data before they got deleted accidentally
Top quality and durable disc, good for long-term data archiving. Relatively low cost per megabyte.
Quantity: 100 Pcs Total. Packing: Shrink Wrapped/Bulk

Smartbuy 100-disc 700mb/80min 52x CD-R Logo Top Blank Data Recordable Media Disc
Smartbuy 100-disc 700mb/80min 52x CD-R Logo Top Blank Data Recordable Media Disc
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