Iomega 32328 Zip 750 MB ATAPI Drive


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Price: $99.00
(as of Dec 14,2022 07:19:26 UTC – Details)

The newest and fastest Zip drive — the Zip 750 MB ATAPI drive — is also the most durable storage solution for backing up your important data. Because it’s an internal drive with the most speed and capacity of all Zip drives and disks, backing up and transporting your files becomes even easier and faster than before! You’ll also get Iomega Automatic Backup software, to make backup a snap; and Iomega Sync software, to transfer files between computers seamlessly – making Zip disks the perfect solution for mobile users. Zip 750 MB drives and disks are the smart data storage choice. Iomega Automatic Backup software backs up your important files automatically. Simply select the files that you want to protect and personalize your backup schedule to your Zip drive. The software does the rest! With incredible durability and a high capacity, your Zip 750 MB drive allows you to easily save and transport your critical data using your Zip disk. And because Zip disks are the most durable backup media, you never have to worry about a scratch destroying your data!
Complete with Iomega Solutions Suite software
Reads and writes Zip 750MB and Zip 250MB disks; read-only on Zip 100MB disks
PC compatible only
Internal drive

Iomega 32328 Zip 750 MB ATAPI Drive
Iomega 32328 Zip 750 MB ATAPI Drive
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