HQ VHS-C Video Cassette Adaptor – NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 8mm/MiniDV/Hi8 Tapes !


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Many Camcorders use a Video Cassette (VHS-C) that are a lot smaller than the traditional VHS Cassettes that are used in Video Players/Recorders, making it impossible to play.To overcome this problem, this cassette adaptor allows you to play or record on your VHS-C cassettes on a standard VHS Video Player/Recorder.The loading and unloading of the tape into and out of the adapter takes place automatically when the shutter is closed and opened.Simply slide open the cassette door switch on the Adaptor and the door opens. Pop in your VHS-C Cassette and close firmly the door. The motor inside the adaptor with then start moving the gears and idlers inside the adaptor making your VHS-C cassette compatible with your VHS Video Player/Recorder.Then simply insert the Adaptor into your VHS Video Player/Recorder and use as a normal Video Cassette.When finished viewing/recording, eject the adaptor from your VHS Video Player/Recorder Like a normal Video Cassette. Slide the Cassette door switch in the VHS-C Adaptor, and again the motor will automatically move the gears & idlers back, allowing you to use your VHS-C Cassette in your Camcorder. The door will then open and then you can remove your VHS-C Cassette from the adaptor.Please note: that this adaptor is only compatible with VHS-C Cassettes and does not support Video-8, Hi8, etc.This VHS-C adaptor requires 1x AA (Penlight) Alkaline battery to operate (not included).
VHS-C type (ONLY) adapter. Not suitable for JVC branded tapes.
Will NOT fit anything but VHS-C tapes. (Not 8mm Mini DV etc)
If it doesn’t say VHS-C on them they are not VHS-C tapes

HQ VHS-C Video Cassette Adaptor – NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 8mm/MiniDV/Hi8 Tapes !
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